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Rainbow series

LED Grow Light14/28W-RainbowⅠ Series

Posted by: admin 2015-1-4


Application:LED grow light rainbow 18W can be used in artificial light, plant tissue culture, genetics and breeding, plant factory and outer space agriculture

Product Detail

Specification parameter of LED grow light 14\28W-RainbowⅠSeries




Input Voltage

LED Qty 


Dimension   (mm) Warranty color
SP-GL-Rainbow14A 18W AC85-265V 36 Φ26*30*600mm 3 Years Red:Blue=8:1
SP-GL-Rainbow14B 18W DC24V(no drive) 36 Φ26*30*600mm 3 Years Red:Blue=8:1
SP-GL-Rainbow28A 36W AC85-265V 72 Φ26*30*1200mm 3 Years Red:Blue=8:1
SP-GL-Rainbow28B 36W DC24V(no drive) 72 Φ26*30*1200mm 3 Years Red:Blue=8:1



1.General indoor plants, shorten the growing time without any damage.

2.Save 80% electricity bill for the better planting effect, reduce grow cost and increase crop yields as compared to incandescent lights

3.Suitable for Greenhouse/Plant factory/tissue culture, seedling/basement planting

4.LED Wave length &  LED Color Ratio could be customized



1,Single or double ended electricity,singel and double ended into electricity is available.


2,Use 2835 Lights ,rainbow Ⅰ series use 2835 lights,0.5W,prolong life,improve efficiency.


3,Aluminium alloy&PC transparent cover.


4,Constant Voltage Driver

LED grow light rainbow Ⅰ series has 600 ma/DC constant current,24V/DC constant voltage driver built-in or outer available.


5,Easy to install,very convinient for disassemble.


6,Light Angle of this hot selling LED grow light is 120°

Light Angle:120°;The power drive:Constant current/Constant pressure built-in or outer available.


Application of LED grow tube light named rainbow

Suitable for Greenhouse/Plant factory/tissue culture, seedling/basement planting


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