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LED Grow Light 320W-Sunny Series

Posted by: admin 2014-11-24


Application:LED Grow Light 320W is able to used in plant tissue culture, horticulture and plant factory for nursery as well as aerospace ecological life support system

Product Detail

Specification parameter of LED Grow Light 320W-Sunny Series




Input Voltage

LED Qty 


Dimension   (mm) Warranty color
SP-GL-Sunny320 504W AC85-265V 168*3W 706*370*60mm 3 Years Red:Blue:White=8:1:1


Quick Details
Light Source: LED Item Type: Grow Lights LED Light Source: High Power 3W SMD Leds
Input Voltage(V): AC85-265V Lamp Power(W): 320
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 18000
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w): 50 CRI (Ra>): 80 Color Temperature(CCT): Warm White
Working Temperature(℃): -20 - 40 Working Lifetime(Hour): 50000 Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
IP Rating: IP44 Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, UL Emitting Color: Red:Blue:White=8:1:1
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Sunprou Model Number: Cherry-SP-GL-Sunny320
Actual Power: 320w
Dimension: 706*370*60mm Output current: 600 --630mA
Power efficiency: ≥90% The efficiency of the light: >50lm/w Frequency: 50~60Hz
Light failure: <3% within 5000Hrs Humidity: 45%~95%RH

Warranty: 3 years

Storage temperate: -40~85℃    

Remarks of hot selling LED Grow Light 200W-Sunny Series
>General indoor plants, shorten the growing time without any damage.
>Save 80% electricity bill for the better planting effect, reduce grow cost and increase crop yields as compared to incandescent lights
>Suitable for Greenhouse/Plant factory/tissue culture, seedling/basement planting
>LED Wave length &  LED Color Ratio could be customized


Advantages following:

1. Ultra-thin, small volume, light weight, easy to install;


2. Diode protection, prolong service life;


3. Used high power chip, radiation effect is obvious;

4. Secondary optical lens, improve efficiency; 

5. Terminal connection, to facilitate maintenance;


6. The modular and can free combination;


7. Imported fan, low noise, long life, good heat dissipation;                




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1.What is the effect of grow light?
a.As the supply source,can enhance the light any time,so it can extend and control the light witch
 the plant need.
b.It can instead of natural light to promote the plants grow,when in greenhouse or plant
c.It can make plant growth rate and photosynthetic rate increased by more than 20%, make plants grow better, bigger and more sweet fruit

2.Is this light good for vegetable growth from seed to fruit? Tomatoes, peppers, herbs etc?
Absolutely! Our lights work perfectly for all plants. We have many users from hot pepper growers to orchid farmers to desert rose society members to medical marijuana to everything in between.

3.Are the lamps checked before being sent if the lights are all in correct shape and if they function properly?
Yes, everything is quality checked thoroughly before shipping including a full 24 hour burn-in test for the drivers.

4.What distance should the light be away from the plant?
In general, the light is at least 8 - 12 inches away most of the time for maximum effect on your plants. For normal greenhouse operations where the light is at least a foot away from plants.

5.Why the grow light theory power is different from actual power?
Watts mean light and heat, meaning that whatever wattage you are actually drawing at the outlet (which is MUCH DIFFERENT in most cases than what''''s been advertised or implied) is either turned into usable light or waste energy, mostly heat and a negligible amount of sound.

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