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Biggest plants led solution made by Philip and CSU



    Philips’s  LED plants lighting system in CSU  (picture from Philips)


Plants LED lighting solution cooperate by Philip and CSU


Colorado State University (CUS) and Philips Lighting have signed a long-term cooperation. The cooperation is about LED lighting for plants by setting up education, research and training units in college.


As greenhouse planting expert. Flowers professor from CSU, Steven Newman said,“this union originated from the plan to move the green house of W.D. Holley, the plant environmental search center, to the garden center of CSU, he will start to looking for the source for college to build a campus greenhouse which walks on the frontier of the science and technology.”


He said, “We have chance to cooperate with the international LED technology companies, let them cooperate closely with the college including CST.”In the future, the student who attend plants LED lighting can have the opportunity to practice in different big factories, the rate of entrance & employment will be improved at the same time.


This cooperation can support both chance from collaborative search more in-depth to plants research, then creating more innovative LED plants lighting application. This survey contain lots of aspect of plants grow: the nutrition value of farm corps, irrigation strategies, climate impact, soil condition, temperature influence, year-round production situation, greenhouse corps, hops, flowers and grass and so on. Last but not least, devote to saving the energy using of indoor plants lighting.


The garden center of CUS will be completed with the most advanced LED plants lighting system in the world. This great project will be built in the early 2016.


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